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How We're Different - Our Value To You

FREE!! Dating and Relationship Help and Advice.

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Your friends don’t always tell you the straight deal, so it’s no wonder you’re frustrated trying to meet someone compatible and special.

You might feel you’re not ready for formal Matchmaking, but we can help with the steps in between.

Magnetix has recently launch our Dating and Relationship Advice, Coaching and Mentoring programs.

• Learn what men and women really think about the opposite sex.
• Learn the real reason why you're single, even though you tell yourself you want a relationship.
• Learn what men and women are looking for and how you can be that person.

Ask for Complete Details and How to Get Your FREE Session. Call Today! 888-360-6877

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    About Us

    Western Canada based Matchmaking Service, operating in The Okanagan Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Regina. Magnetix Matchmaking was founded by Julie Clitheroe. After relocating to the Okanagan for a new career opportunity Julie quickly met a lot of new people. Like a lot of people in many communities across Canada single men and women in the Okanagan told Julie they were finding... Read More

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    How It Works

    Magnetix Matchmaking is a private and confidential matchmaking company. We work hands on in a very personalized way and our approach is customized and tailored individually for each client. By thoroughly interviewing each client we can get to know you and understand what's most important in someone you'd like to meet. Read More

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    “I’d had some negative experience with online dating so when I learned Magnetix offers matchmaking services and that my picture wouldn't be posted on the internet I was interested to learn more. My consultant really listened to what I was looking for in a life partner and quickly matched me with Glenn. Read More

Why First Dates Fail

Have you become the king or queen of first dates? Do you wonder why, after having a fantastic first date, it goes no where? I talk to single men and women every day. Some are actively dating and others can’t seem to get past the first date. Do you wonder why your first dates fail? Why are some single men and women successful at dating and why do so many fail? If you’re among those that fail, I’m about to share with you why this happens. Read more

The Secret to Get the Guy

Get the guy
Get the guy

I’m often asked “how do I get a man to connect with me on a deeper level?” “I want more than a physical relationship, but how do I get the full commitment with him?” This might seem difficult, and maybe this is something you’ve struggled with, but really it’s quite simple. You’ve heard the phrase, “Men are simple creatures”… Read more