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The best places to meet singles

If you’re single and interested to meet other singles, you have probably noticed, there are single people everywhere. But how do you start a conversation without looking and feeling like a fool? Starting a conversation might not be the easiest thing to do. You might have the best approach, but not all settings are the best places to meet singles, and get a conversation started. Read more

5 best opening lines

I’ve wanted to write a blog to help people break the ice and meet more new people, for a long time. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought this was the perfect time. Approaching the opposite sex and getting the conversation started, can be one of the hardest thing you might ever do. After a bit of research, wow, was I shocked at some of the cheesy and inappropriate stuff that is being offered as help. If you want to be successful in meeting that new guy or girl, here is some easy, and proven tips. Read more