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Topics to Avoid on a Date – Dating Services

Have you ever been chatting along and suddenly you realize your date’s interest starts to wane? You wonder ‘what did I say?’ and quickly replay the last five minutes of conversation, struggling to discover where you went wrong. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. For those returning in the dating game – Dating services gives you some valuable tips on which topics are okay and which you should avoid.

Past Relationships

While this is a fine and necessary topic once you’re more intimately acquainted, avoiding talking about your past relationship will allow your date to feel like he or she is the focus of your evening – not the ghost of the past.  Matchmakers at Dating Services say, there is never a time on a first date when you should be talking about your exes, as it makes the other person feel like you’re still hung up on them. The past will come up eventually, but talking about exes’ right at the beginning will turn off a prospective new partner.

Problems with Kids and Family

Depending on what stage of life you find yourself back in the dating scene, kids and family challenges are a part of life. This doesn’t mean you spend your first date complaining about family members and the challenges your kids bring to your life. Any discussions of a negative nature have no place at a first date.  Let your partner get to know you better before sharing familial drama.

Political and religious viewpoints

This should be self-explanatory. Your date can’t disagree with you without being portrayed as “disagreeable.” Political and religious beliefs are important discussions to have, but at a later date when a connection related to other topics has been established.  That’s not to say you can’t talk about current events. Keeping up on local and global events shows you’re interested in your community and the world at large and have make for great conversation starters.

Money and Finances

Talking about finances, either positively or negatively, can be a huge turn off to some people. Discussions about how much money you make, the value of your home and car, can come across as bragging.  Just as uncomfortable, can be commenting that you’re about to go broke. As your relationship blossoms and you start to have discussion about your future together, you will absolutely want to discuss finances and where each of you sits on the asset and liability balance sheet.


Sex should never be brought up on a first, second, or third date. Sex is something that will happen naturally. If you bring it up to early, your date may think sex is the only thing you are interested in. When you’re looking for a more meaningful relationship it’s important to take time to really get to know each other. Build trust, common ground; learn about shared interests and future goals.  Matchmakers at Dating Services, stress taking your time before moving to a physical relationship. It’s never a bad thing to allow anticipation to build. Your relationship will be on solid ground when you do move to the next level.

Keep your first dates light, fun and playful. There will be plenty of time for discussions of a more serious nature.



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