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How It Works

How It Works Matchmaking Services
How It Works Matchmaking Services

Magnetix Matchmaking Services is a private and confidential dating, relationship and matchmaking company. We work hands on in a very personalized way and our approach is customized and tailored individually for each client.

Our Support to You:

  • All clients receive an in person, and complimentary consultation interview. This is our first opportunity to learn about you and what is most important in someone you want to meet. This is the first step and enables us to hand pick the very best match specifically for you. No computer generated so called matches.
  • When we have selected your match, we will send you an email including a profile write up and at least one picture. This gives you a chance to read about your match and also see what they look like.
  • Profile details are sent to each person at the same time.
  • Your private contact details are never shared.
  • You and your match are free to accept or pass on any match we send. Only those matches that result in a meeting count towards the minimum number offered in your matchmaking program.
  • Once a match has been accepted, the Magnetix support team will make those first date arrangements at one of our Preferred Locations. We also make arrangements for separate bills, allowing you to focus on having a fantastic first date with no pressure.
  • Matchmaking is our #1 priority and so is your privacy and safety, and why we conduct criminal background check on all clients.
  • There is no public profile and your picture is never posted on our website, so your privacy is protected.
  • Matches are hand-picked for you based on a variety of areas such as your values, life goals, personality, your interests and personal preference.

Our Success:

At Magnetix Matchmaking, we provide quality matches for single men and women, with our focus always on quality, not quantity.  We will never load up your inbox with random people who don’t fit what you’re looking for.

Your feedback after your date, and on the match criteria is critical to ensuring we continue to source compatible matches.

We’ve celebrated hundreds of weddings, couples living together and countless others enjoying meaningful dating with someone compatible. We love hearing from our clients and their matchmaking reviews. Our success is attributed to the wide network of professionals, our matchmaking team is associated with. As a successful matchmaker, working alongside our clients, we believe this traditional approach to quality introductions is so much more effective than online dating, random hook ups or any other method.

If you are looking for a great relationship, you want a professional matchmaker not an online dating site. If you are tired of searching for that special someone, are frustrated with blind set ups from your well meaning friends and family, and have a desire to be in a meaningful relationship, don’t wait to find out more about Magnetix Matchmaking can help.

We provide a service unlike any other for our clients. Call us today at 888-360-6877 and learn more about how we can help you find your love and happiness. We are currently recruiting single men and women for some of our exclusive clientele.

Your Privacy – Our Cancellation and Refund Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Equally important is your satisfaction when using our services. Please review our policies for Privacy and Cancellation.