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What your limiting mindset does to your love life

Is your limiting mindset wrecking your chances of meeting the right one? Meaning you are self sabotaging your chances of finding true and lasting love?

Limiting mindset

Do you have friends who are dating machines? Meaning they seem to have no trouble getting dates.

Do  you always seem to be the one struggling to get anywhere in life, and in love? Meaning your limiting mindset is impacting your ability to attract abundance into your life.

Do you have some specific and narrow criteria, and expectations about who you feel you should date? Does this leave you feeling like you’re missing out meeting someone who could be perfect for you?

When you operate with limiting beliefs, you put limits on what will come to you.

Have you heard the phrase – What you think about, you bring about! This mindset is true in every area and aspect of your life. From landing the best job, to making enough money, to living the life you’ve dreamed about and deserve to have.To finding and attracting the perfect person to share your life with. All success comes from what you think about. Your mindset.

When you tell yourself:

  • I have a hard time meeting quality women.
  • I never seem to meet anyone I click with.
  • All my friends are in relationships, I don’t understand why I’m not.

You then add to that, unrealistic expectations. Your limiting mindset is telling you that you can’t or you’re not, or you won’t… guess what? That’s what you will get.

“Imagine a happy, meaningful relationship with someone who has all the attribute important to you. They have the same values, lifestyle, future goals and similar interests. You want the same things from life and love, and your idea of a happy relationship, is the same”.

Now imagine you are already in that happy relationship.

When you believe you deserve a happy relationship, and you focus on that being in your life, you will attract people who fit what you’re looking for.

  • Practice gratitude daily.
  • Be appreciative of all the goodness you have in your life.
  • Focus on what it feels like to already be in a happy, healthy relationship.

Change your mindset and you change your life in a very meaningful way.

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