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Matchmaking Services Regina

Are you frustrated with traditional methods of meeting someone special? If you answered Yes, you’re not alone. Every day, I hear from single men and women just like you, who’ve grown frustrated in their search for friendly, attractive, compatible singles with whom they can pursue meaningful relationships.

Matchmaking Services Regina

 The dating scene has changed. People seem to be getting caught up in the craziness of online dating. Whether you’ve tried the online thing or not, chances are you’ve heard some crazy stories.

You might have even tried other methods like social media and your friend circle, but once that’s exhausted, you’re left feeling like there are no other options.

But there is!


Magnetix Matchmaking Services Regina is a personalized matchmaking and relationship company. There are many ways Magnetix is different from methods like online dating sites, or meeting someone through a friend, and other matchmaking companies.

All matches are pre-screened and pre-qualified based on your criteria, but also you are what they are looking for. Matchmaking is based on compatibility which includes stage of life, shared interests, similar values, relationship goals and your plans for a future together as a couple, just to name a few.

We’re not some crazy algorithm that online dating sites suggest they use, but rather real people matching real people. Where else do you get the support of a dedicated team, working to find the very best match just for you, and without the worry of a fake profile, not their real name, age or picture?

We recruit from our existing and extensive client base, but we go way beyond that by recruiting busy professionals from the Regina area. Singles who are looking to meet someone like you.

You’re one step closer to meeting the love of your life. Don’t spend another lonely day hoping that person will find you. Let us help you find them.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact Us now!

Are you ready for immediate help? Call us Toll Free 1-888-360-6877 to learn more about how we can help.

 Places to Meet


Rock Creek is a Kicked up Casual Nieghbourhood Restaurant and Bar. We are high-energy individuals with a passion for food and people. Rock Creek was designed to offer the best of both worlds; a comfortable dining area for those romantic get-togethers or just a fun and relaxing night out with friends in our exciting lounge.

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Originally built as a private home in 1913 for Jacob P. Brown, this historic building has catered to Regina residents as a restaurant since 1979, almost 30 years ago. The Fireside Bistro opens weekdays at 11:00am, weekends at 10:00am, with Sunday Brunch, features a beautiful fireside patio, a casual lounge, and private & semi-private meeting and dining rooms. Please call for reservations.

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