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Magnetix Matchmaking Reviews

Marriages, engagements and countless other meaningful connections are common place at Magnetix Matchmaking. Our privacy and confidentiality policies limit us from sharing our clients names and pictures but we celebrate these successes all the same. Some connections happen immediately and others can take more time. We measure our success rate in two ways.

1. Post date feedback. After you have enjoyed your date we ask for your feedback based on the match and the criteria you told us is most important in someone you want to meet. I’m happy to say we consistent receive high ratings.

2. How many dates / introduction do you enjoy before you put your membership on hold. Usually by the 3rd or 4th introduction our clients access the on hold feature.

We are very proud of our success measurements and consistent high ratings. This is a result of the thorough job we do of the initial interview, work we do to source the very best match and supportive follow up throughout your membership .


The date was wonderful. I would rate it a 10/10. We were matched in our philosophies, interests, family values, income, education. I was pleasantly attracted to his physical appearance as well – bonus.  I now believe your matchmaking service truly searches for the RIGHT person. – Penny

I would consider your match choice as excellent. I would be very comfortable meeting Maggie again.

Thanks for cooking up a most enjoyable afternoon. – Mathew

I am sure your most ancient and honourable matchmaking fraternity has its very secret algorithms they use to select their targets. How did it work this time? The Okanagan is a relatively small community, and I was already wondering in advance of such things. You mentioned that Jacquie was “stunning”. I would say maybe exquisite. We agree we have a number of things in common. Our children are about the same age. Jacquie and I have a similar backgrounds in local running and triathlons and we had a nice time exploring that thread. Both of us have competed in Ironman either once or twice. Jacquie and I are both Rotarians. We had such a good time, we ran out of time on our first date and have already planned the next. Having a number of things in common, living within reasonable parameters and with the ease of our discussion it bodes well for developing a connection. Thank you again for this introduction. – Don

I’ve worked with another matchmaking service in the past but didn’t know what I was missing until I started with Magnetix. I have received amazing support, pictures of my matches, help organizing my first meeting and I feel like they really listen to my feedback. All things I never got from the other company. I’ve always been private about using a dating service but I’m happy to tell everyone about my positive experience with Magnetix.

I wanted to write and tell you what a pleasure it is to work with Magnetix and your staff. I have dealt with other Matchmaking companies in Calgary but always felt like I was just another client. The boutique style of support Magnetix offers takes a bit longer but I have received better quality matches. I look forward to finding my next love with your help.

Client Relationship Specialist Chelsey, recently received a note from one of our clients. “I wanted to say that so far I am really impressed with you and the company’s prompt, professional service. I’m getting ready for my date and can’t wait to tell you how it goes. Many Thanks” – anonymous.

I will now trust you to set me up with anyone! The dates you have arranged for me have been so “on.” I am having so much fun and it’s nice to meet people who aren’t misrepresenting themselves online. I appreciate the work you do behind the scenes! This has been tremendous value for my money.”

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been excited to get out on a date.  – Shelley

When I first joined Magnetix I really didn’t know what to expect. I’d tried some online dating sites and met some potential guys thru friends, but nothing was making a real connection. After working with the matchmaker I realized I didn’t have any idea of what was important to me. I had been focused mostly on what he looked like instead of his personality and values as well as what he looks like. It took a little while to get the right match working but I recently was matched with Greg who is a great guy, we have a lot in common and I think he is a real handsome man. This might be “the one”.

Thank you, Thank you Thank you. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that I joined Magnetix. I was beginning to think I would never find the woman I’ve been looking for. Magnetix made a believer out of me. Kevin

I was expecting Magnetix to send me tons of emails everyday with potential women I could review. When that didn’t happen I was a bit frustrated. Thanks to Chelsey who spent some time explaining that Magnetix focused on quality matches who meet my criteria but that I would be what she was looking for made total sense. I had been used to the craziness of online dating where Magnetix would only send me matches that were a good fit. I’ve started to get some really good matches and I now realize this is a much better way than what I’d been used to online. Thanks for your help Chelsey.


I was recently matched with Cyndie and wow is she awesome. I know it’s still early in the process, but I wanted to write and thank you for all the work you’ve put in to help me so far. Cyndie and I have a lot in common and I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. Thanks for being patient with me. Michael

I had to take a few minutes and write you guy to say what a great job you’re doing in helping me meet some really great ladies. I have to admit, I wasn’t too open in the beginning and feel I’ve always done pretty good for myself, i just wasn’t meeting “the one”. Working thru the match email and talking things thru with Chelsey has been a real help. She has pushed me a few times and so far it’s working out really well. I recently started dating Shelley. She isn’t the usual type of girl I would have dated but so far it’s going really good. Thanks for pushing Chelsey.

Magnetix Matchmaking Reviews

I’d never used a Matchmaker before but thought i would give it a try. I’ve been matches with some really great guys and what I like the most is i can give my feedback on what worked and what not so much. This is a great process and way better than online.

I’ve always dating the same type of guy and I’ve been told I’m too “picky” whatever that means, I’m just not willing to settle. When the first few matches started coming I could see a common theme as Magnetix was giving me what I had asked for. I heard a great saying once “you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome, that’s insanity”. Thru the feedback sessions I’ve been able to think about things a little differently. I don’t feel I’m settling in fact the reverse is true. I’ve learned that I can be attracted to different looks, age, height and activities they like while maintaining what’s most important to me, family values, good ethics, integrity and a great sense of humour. These are things you can’t teach someone, either they have it or they don’t. When I first started out I had a 2 year over my age and 6 years younger my age. I now realized there are fantastic men a few more years older, who are fit, active, a true gentleman and who want to be in a fun, happy relationship not just hook up for the weekend. I feel I have a lot to offer the right guy. I have an established career, wonderful kids that I’m not willing to introduce to just anyone. I was recently matched with a guy that I never would have considered before I started working with Magnetix. He treats me like a queen and is turning out to be exactly what I’ve wanted all these years. Next step is to meet each other’s kids… I’m so happy I could burst. Thank you Magnetix, for having patience when I was freaking out. You listened when I needed you too and your support and coaching has helped me find a fantastic guy. – Cathy

“To be honest I was a bit skeptical about joining a dating service but after meeting with the owner Julie, I quickly learned they were a professional agency. My consultant spent a lot of time with me and I felt like they really listened to me. What a refreshing change from simply filling out a profile on my computer. I’ve been matched with some really great women and recently Cindy and I agreed to put our memberships on hold. My confidence that I have a bright future with an amazing partner is renewed.” – Peter and Cindy

If you’ve been procrastinating about changing your approach to finding a good quality date, listen to what Magnetix member Brian has to say. “A good friend of mine kept telling about this dating agency in Kelowna. I was busy but honestly I was procrastinating. When I finally called I was matched right away with this amazing woman, Lisa. Lisa and I have so much in common plus our future plans and goals are pretty aligned. Thank goodness I finally called Magnetix. Lisa is such a great gal I know she would have been snapped up by someone else if I hadn’t called.” – Brian and Lisa

“I’d had some negative experience with online dating so when I learned Magnetix offered personalized service and that my picture wouldn’t be posted on the internet I was interested to learn more. My consultant really listened to what I was looking for in a life partner and quickly matched me with Glenn. We’ve been spending lots of time together. It’s exciting to meet someone who not only has the same interests as me but who also has that great sense of humour I was looking for”. – Valerie and Glenn

Thank you for introducing me to Lori. I know I was a bit of a hard nut to crack when I first joined your company.  Thank you for hanging in there with me, Lori is definitely “the one”. Thank you Kevin

I thought I had a good idea of what I was looking for when I first joined Magnetix. After working with Matchmaker Chelsey, boy did i get a lesson in being open to meeting different people. I’m so glad Chelsey pushed me to be more open to meeting some different people or I never would have been matched or met Stephen. You do great work Chelsey!

I’m so thankful Magnetix came along; these guys go way deeper than those online internet sites. I wanted to speak to a real person. I wasn’t interested in trying to figure it out on my own thru my computer. I wasn’t looking for a good time; I could find that pretty much anywhere. I was looking for a great time, long term with a fantastic lady. After the consultation I knew I was onto something, I wasn’t just checking boxes; I had a real face to face conversation, who does that? – Brad

“The thought of posting my picture and profile on a public site just didn’t sit well with me. Being divorced for about a year now, the thought of people in my community “checking me out”left me with a really uncomfortable feeling. Luckily I found Magnetix. They’re right here in the Okanagan and they know what they’re doing. Everything is private and tailored to my schedule. The owner, Julie met me after hours, which was a huge help since I work during the day. She took a lot of time getting to know me. I really appreciate the personal service and attention they offer”. – Scott

This email was sent to us from a brand new Magnetix member. Leanne had been married over 35 years so when her husband passed away suddenly she had no idea how or if she even wanted to try finding another life partner. After some gentle nudging from well meaning friends Leanne called Magnetix Dating Agency and met with the owner Julie. Here is a note Leanne sent after that meeting. “I had to sit down and send this to you right away as I am so pleased to have met you and SO look forward to this VERY SPECIAL adventure I am going on and with your wonderful support and expertise feel it will just be “the best”!!!  I am so impressed with the way you have set up this dating service, what a terrific job you have done and I wish you ALL THE VERY BEST in the future!! – Leanne

I met Julie after years of being a single parent of two, one living with me, the other in another part of Canada.  I had tried profiles on dating sites, and did meet some very nice ladies, but I never really found the connection that I was sure was out there for me.  Julie and I met twice before I signed up. The first time was more of a casual get together so that she could see and hear some of my concerns about her agency and ability to find me a match.  I met with most of the matches, and all of them were as she described, but it was not until recently the “right” one came along.  Julie is very patient, understanding and passionate about her job and her goal in matching people up. She spends a lot of time working on this, and the only time that she does not answer a call or email is on the weekends.  However, I am sure that if you had made an arrangement to call her before or after a date, she would be there for you.  Julie is very confidential, and will not pass anything on to another person, regardless of the situation. I know this from a personal experience that I just had.  I would like to thank Julie and Magnetix, as I feel that I am now matched up with a most incredible lady who was definitely worth waiting for. ~ Garry