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Best tips to meet someone on Facebook

I read something this week that said Facebook has become the next source for meeting other single people. Is Facebook the new online dating source?

If that’s true, the same old strategies you tried through online dating sites, won’t work any better on social platforms. In fact, you might experience more negativity because those same old attempts can be viewed as aggressive, intrusive and basically unwanted.

Meet someone on Facebook
Meet someone on Facebook








Learn my best tips to get attention and meet someone on Facebook.

In this week’s blog, I’m going to share with you some of the best tips to not only get the right attention on Facebook, but get the results you want. A chance to meet someone on Facebook, that you’re interested in.

We live in an online world, that’s no secret. But what has changed is how you connect, meet and get the results you want.

If you met someone at a social gathering, you can see them, you can hear their voice, you can interact with them through playful banter. You can connect, because it’s in person.

So, if technology is the way we’re doing things now, you don’t have the same in person interaction. If you want to meet someone on Facebook and other social platforms, you must find a way to make yourself stand out… and in a positive way.

If you want to get someone’s attention online, build rapport and connection first. This can be tricky, because you’re using technology.

Here are my best tips to get someone’s attention on Facebook.

What not to say: 

“Your hot, we should go out”. – Not only is this offensive, but you spelled “you’re” wrong. Big mistake!

“Hi, how is your day going”? – This might appear polite, but doesn’t get their attention.

“Hi, may I say you have a beautiful smile”. – Polite, but doesn’t make me want to stop everything and reply.

“Hey” 😊 – This is really boring, and is the fastest way to the delete button.

“Did you fall from the heavens, because you look like an angel”. – Oh boy, another cheezy pickup line.

Sure, some women, and men will be receptive to your direct message, but most won’t. Don’t waste a good first impression by handling a first contact wrong. Chances are you’ve already been blocked.

What you should say: 

“Hi Julie, I stumbled onto your profile today and noticed we share a bunch of great friends. Have we met before”?

“Hi Julie, I stumbled onto your profile today and noticed we share a bunch of great friends. I’m surprised we’ve never met before, or have we?” 😊

“Hi Julie, we’re following the same post on the price of tea in China (or some other thought provoking topic). I really liked what you had to say. Where did you find that research? I’d like to check that out”.

“Hi Julie, I notice we are following the same hiking club. I’m looking for another club to join, can you recommend one for me? I would really appreciate that”.

When you start the conversation with something interesting and attention getting, you can build a rapport and connection first, you can start a conversation and then move that connection offline. Using these strategies, you will be more successful.

These comments take a bit more time and thought, but they produce the desired result, which is to get the attention of the other person and start a conversation and possibly more.

Give these a try and send me a note to I’d love to hear how it going. If you have other great opening lines that are working for you, share them below so others can learn from your success.

Happy dating!