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Magnetix Matchmaking Services

Magnetix Matchmaking Services is one of the largest Canadian owned and operated matchmaking company in Canada. With locations across Western Canada, our clients have a chance to work with the best Matchmaker  team in Western Canada.

Whether you choose to live in a small community or larger populated city, we’re hearing the same concerns, ‘It’s hard to meet that special someone’.

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How We’re Different:

Our Goal Is To Provide You With The Best Quality, Compatible Matches!

We match within our database but how we’re really different from other matchmaking services companies is, our matchmaking and relationship consultant teams are proactive in your local community sourcing potential matches for you our client. This means every quality single man or women in your area could be a potential match for you. You might have heard the terms, recruiter or headhunter for a professional job, well this is what we do for you at Magnetix Matchmaking, but for your personal life.

We Always Provide A Picture Of Your Match and Match Details Are Sent To You In A Private Email.

We understand attraction is an important factor in someone you’re interested to meet. We understand no one has control over chemistry, attraction, those butterflies you feel when you meet someone for the first time. Keeping this in mind, we ask you to consider the whole profile including what the person looks like.


In addition to finding your perfect match, your safety is our #1 priority. This is why we always get a criminal background check on our clients and people we welcome to our company.

Call 1.888.360.6877 from anywhere in Canada. You will be connected with the local representative and Matchmaker in your area.

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More Locations to come, please check back soon