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Tips on how to stand out online dating

In all the years that I’ve been helping single men and women find love, there’s one question that I always get asked. 

Can you guess what it is? Chances are, you’ve probably wondered about it at some point, too. In fact, it might even be the question on your mind right now.

“How can I stand out from the crowd of other singles online?”

That’s it — the never-ending search for that magical formula for creating an online profile that just simply blows your competition out of the water.  

Because let’s face it, every other single of your gender, age, looks, your interests and relationship goal, is your competition.

Well, every single time I get asked that question, my answer’s the same, it depends. To be more specific, it depends on what you put out there and how much you’re willing to work for it.

What are you putting out there for the world to see?

You should be careful, though. If you put too much, and the wrongs things out there, it can actually harm you. Don’t believe me? Picture this:

You’re a single good-looking guy, with a lot to offer the right woman. Would single women respond to you if you bombard them with cheezy one liners, or random pictures of you with your bare chest and your junk front and centre, or just a simple “hello” to their inbox? … or, what if you had something thought provoking to say. and that left that single gal wanting to hear more from you?

I know, I know. Getting the attention of that attractive gal shouldn’t be so hard. But when you’re in the sea of hundreds of thousands of online profiles, standing out in the crowd is the only way. It’s not really that hard after all! There’s actually a method to the madness.

Just remember this one simple thing: First impressions matter.

Hopefully you take some good care and attention to your online presence. God forbit your boss sees your recent post of your favourite Netflix movie you ‘called in sick’ to watch. Employers have access to your social and business platforms, and absolutely use them to keep passive tabs on their employees. So now, think about your next potential relationship.

What if that fantastic gal wanted to learn more about you, and as a way to decide if she wants to not only meet you, but even reply to your message? In the age of the internet, guess where’s the first place they’ll go to find out more about you.

You’re right — it’s Google. 

So, the question you REALLY need to ask yourself is this, “what do people see when they Google my name?”

As a matchmaker is hear stories of the online experiences of single men and women. Just when I thought I’d heard it all, someone shocks me with a wild and crazy story about someone sending pictures of their penis.

I’m truly passionate about helping people find love, but some people are their own reason why they are single.

Do you want to learn how to make your profile stand out when online dating? Go check out, What Your Online Presence Does for First Impressions, and learn some of my tips for putting the best first impression.