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Let’s talk about sex

The topic of sex is something people either talk a lot about, or don’t talk about it at all. In my opinion and experience, couples who talk about sex have a more meaningful connection, and are happier together.

Let’s talk about sex

So, when is the right time to bring up sex?

First, let’s talk about when is not the right time to talk about sex.

  • On a first date – Yikes, this can be a huge turn off if you read the situation wrong.
  • Over technology – Technology is never a great place to have more serious discussions.
  • Too early on in a new relationship – Wait to see if there is a connection first.

Men and women both think about sex, they just think about it differently. We know for the most part, men are visual and physical creatures. Women, for the most part, want to connect emotionally before a physical relationship.

Of course, there are exceptions to this generalization. The timing of talking about sex can be really fast for both men and women, but can also be a slower process for both men and women. It all depends on their sexual experiences, confidence and appetite. It also depends on how into the other person they are, and what each wants from the relationship.

Bringing up the topic of sex and to talk about sex takes a bit of finesse. When you meet someone new you will connect on so many levels. Shared interests, activities, shared and mutual friends, personality, future goals and how you see yourself in a happy, healthy relationship.

You likely set preferences in all or most of these areas, but have you set preferences and expectations in your physical and sex life?

How do you find out if you’re compatible sexually, until you have sex?

When it comes to the talk about sex, each person has to be their own best judge. Talking too soon can be a turn off and avoiding the topic can lead to relationship disaster.

Set the stage for an open and honest talk about sex. Where you like it, when you like it, how you like it, and how often you want it. The more you talk about your preferences and expectations the closer you will become and the easier the conversations will be.

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