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Turn that first date into more second dates?

Are you frustrated by all the time you waste going on a first date? If so, you’re not alone. Every day, I hear from single men and women just like you, who feel they are becoming the king or queen of first dates.

How hard can it be to meet someone with shared interests, that will go further than a coffee first date. But here’s the thing, not getting a second date is probably the most complained about aspect of dating. What can possibly be missing that you’re not getting more second dates?

First Date

I’m sure you’ve noticed, dating these days has changed. We have become desensitized to the human element of dating. Technology has made it so simple for us to not get out and meet someone.

Yes, you read that correctly. Online dating sites and dating apps allow us to interact with another person, without ever having met them. We can wink, nudge, say hello, but more importantly we can ignore, or swipe away those we aren’t interested in. When you finally do get someone who agrees to go on a first date, you end up being so nervous, frustrated, and flled with anticipation you develop expectations about how you feel the date will go and the outcome. A first date shouldn’t be about you, it should be about the other person.

What to bring on a first date

  • An open attitude
  • No expectations other than to have fun
  • Your playful personality
  • Patience, compassion and empathy
  • A goal to make sure your date has the best time ever

When you bring these five things with you on a first date, you will have a fun, you will be relaxed, and more importantly, so will the person you’re with.

What do you think is the number 1 thing both men and women are looking for in someone they want to meet, and spend time with?

To have FUN!

An open attitude, with no expectations other than to have fun, along with your playful personality, keeps things open, light and fun.

Patience, compassion and empathy, added to your only goal of making sure your date has the best time ever, becomes more about the other person and not you and your agenda.

A first date isn’t about you

When you put ego to the side, your date will have fun and will want to see you again. Can you imagine all the fun and incredible first dates everyone would have, if both people came to the first date with these 5 things? And can you imagine who many would have second dates, and more?

Decide that your next first date will be about the other person, whether you feel immediate attraction or not. Attraction can grow as you spend time and get to know each other.

Single men and women dismiss each other too quickly on a first date. If you bring these 5 things, you will have more fun and a better chance of getting a second date.

Are you frustrated with all the first dates you’re having? If so, it’s time to call Magnetix Matchmaking today. We would love to help you get more second dates. Call 888-360-6877 or email to schedule a short phone chat.

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