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12 DNA imprints to understand your man

It’s no secret men and women act and think different from each other. Understanding the opposite sex is one of the biggest mysteries in life and a frustration for many women. Have you ever wondered why men act the way they do? Have you ever said to yourself, I don’t understand why he does that? Some of the things men do is out of their control, it’s actually part of their DNA.

How men think and behave is for the most part, out of their control. This doesn’t mean they don’t have reason or don’t have to take responsibility, it just mean they might not be able to consciously help it. This stuff is built into a man’s DNA.

When you understand you man comes by his traits honestly, and that it’s in his DNA. that’s half the battle. Learning how to deal with it, is the other half.



Learn these 12 DNA imprints to better understand your man.

  1. We need to win, winning is everything – Men are raised to compete in sports and other areas of their lives. It’s natural when they see someone they like or want, they will want to win you over.
  2. Competition is huge – Along with winning, men naturally compete. They compete for a place on the team, the job they want, and the woman they want in their life.
  3. We fear rejection – We hate it when we are rejected. But as much as we hate it, our desire to meet someone outweighs that rejection.
  4. We hold in our emotions – Men sometimes see showing emotions as weakness. The mature and self-aware guys see this as maturity. It’s a learning process.
  5. Money is very important to us – This is so ingrained in the male DNA that it’s one of the top measurements of success.
  6. Status and how we measure up to our peers ranks high – Like money, men are always looking to better themselves and against our peers. This can become very competitive and easily turn negative.
  7. We love a challenge and we need to win – I hope you’re seeing a common theme here.
  8. We need to feel appreciated – Men love doing things for omen, but if they don’t feel appreciated they will stop.
  9. We are taught to sleep with as many women as possible – This is one of the reasons men cheat and why they tell you, “it didn’t mean anything”.
  10. We need to feel we can provide – It takes a very confident guy to date a woman who makes more money than him. Job loss, or instability is one of the reasons couples break up. Men feel like a failure.
  11. We get bored easily – Sometimes men have the attention span of a 2-year-old. Nuff said!
  12. We take longer to fall in love – Men first connect physically then emotionally where women connect emotionally and then physically. Connecting with a man on an emotional level will win him over and he will immediately fall in love with you.

Helping you understand your man and understanding the traits of a man, is something I’m somewhat of an expert at. Click here to connect with me, your Matchmaker, and learn more about what men think about.

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